Kansas City Shock

What would Kansas City be without sports? Can you imagine no more Chiefs tailgating BBQs; no more seas of Royals blue; no more Sporting titles; no more Big XII tournaments? Annually, 36 Million American children participate in athletics. By the year 2020 an estimated one-third of all public US high schools will be without any interscholastic sports programs, and already, 65% are pay to play. “An estimated $3.5 Billion were cut from school sports budgets nationwide during 2009-2011 school years” (A. Magdaleno), making low-income children 4X more likely to have to quit a sport due to costs.


Kansas City Shock Athletics Association is a veteran founded, volunteer run, sports based youth development nonprofit organization that serves Greater Kansas City. KC Shock was founded in 2016 & started with just softball and is looking to expand into more sports! The organization is dedicated to teaching youth the fundamentals of athletics and life through respect, positivity, education, leadership, perseverance, and responsibility. KC Shock is not your typical sports organization. We focus on the whole person rather than just athletic abilities. Here at KC Shock, we are student-athletes, with student put first, because we ALWAYS put education first! Did you know that student-athletes have an 11% higher graduation rate, are 50% less absent, and are 4X more likely to get college degrees (U.S Dept. of Ed.)?

From sports and volunteer work, we learn that it is important to help someone else because we are all a team. Volunteering helps to build our athletes’ college applications and career resumes, it also makes you feel an unequivocal sense of pride in oneself.


Kansas City Shock Athletics Association is always looking for ways to expand our organization, provide opportunities for our youth to be collegiate scholars and help make Kansas City a better for us all. KC Shock would love to be able to provide our student-athletes with a few more things to our dedicated and hardworking athletes. Some of those gifts include equipment, uniforms, tutoring, career and college prep, life skills training, a year round facility, even annual college scholarships!

If you have any questions that we’ve not answered, feel free to email KC Shock via info@kcshockathletics.com.